Saturday, July 21

Happy 2years Anniversary Soulmate ♥

Assalammualaikum my dearie Readers!
wink wink ;) 
Finalleh kan? Setelah sekian lama tak muncul, tetiba je muncul pulakk :D
Eyhhh, tgk link tu tules blog sape? :)
Blog D kan? Means sukaty D lah.. jkjk ;p

Siyesly, lately D sangat2 lah busy teramat.. *Erkss~ Lately ke? Mcm dah berabad je rase ;p Saje je sempena my 2nd anniversary bersama Incik Soulmate, nak jugak lah berjiwangan kat sini.. *Sile muntah hijau! ;p* Agak sedih bile 2nd anniversary ni, Encik Heartbeats pulak outstation jauh di Utara nunnn -___- Rendduuu :)
  • Thanks fer being there for me when no one was.. no one can ever replace u in my heart <3 Thanks fer accepting me for who i am :) 
  • Iloveyou soulmate :) i dun wanna lose ;) dun u ever give up on me plish? ;)
  • Imissyou sayanggg.. i miss our time dat weve spent together -___-
  • Iwannagrow old with u bb ;) happy 100yra anniversary in advance! :P
  • Ineedyou fer the rest od my life ;) imissyou sayanggg <3
  • Thanks fer being my everything ;) slmt berpuase bubu :) imissyou :)
*Ayat CopyPaste text yg D send fer my Mr. Heartbeats je :D Malasss na pk ;p*

This relationship is the best relationship that has ever happened in my life! ♥
However great the hardship, I never ever regret my decision that I've made 2 years ago.
Truly from the bottom of my heart I do really appreciate him so much!
Coz Im a person wif absolute NO PATIENCE, I get ANNOYED easily, I shout, I cried and I blame him for almost everything and he still tries hard to tolerate and be patience with me whenever he can.
Thanks a lot sayanggg :)

Happy anniversary to the guy who ♥ me the most :)

*NotaKaki : Salam Ramadhan Everyone :) Selamat menunaikan ibadah puasa.. Puasa rajin2 okayy? Jadi macam D ni, 23taun tak penah tinggal puasa.. Hahaha~ *Sila percaya :D*
There's many other posts to come! ;) InsyaAllah kalau masa mengizinkan.. Nak sahur MI SEDAP dulu lah.. :) Jemput sahurrr~